Black Friday sale

Oh just got a message from my friend that wants to go to Las Americas, a huge outlet mall just before the Mexican boarder for the black Friday sale. Apparently they are opening literality  just after midnighton Friday and have open until noon with some great sales. Sounds crazy, shopping at the middle of the night just by the Mexican boarder? Hmmm might have to think this one through. I like the concept though! Have heard this mall has great deals on a lot of the American brands like Steve Madden, Michael Kors and so on, so I might just go their to get all my Christmas shopping done before I go home.


Thanksgiving time!

Thanksgiving is around the corner and several of my friends have left town to celebrate this holiday with their families. From what I understand you’re suppose to eat turkey, mashed potato and pumpkin pie. Yummy!  Even though I don’t have any special plans to celebrate Thanksgiving this year I have eaten the traditional meal before, when I was living in NY. My thoughts? Turkey was ok, never been a huge fan of turkey and don’t really like potatoes either. The stuffing in the turkey though was amazing and the pumpkin pie  as well.


For this year I’m not doing anything special for Thanksgiving, I  might be doing a “turkey race” with some of me friends from my running club but other then that I will let this holiday pass me by without much notice this year. More exited about the black Friday sale, cant wait!


Halloween verses Påskafton!

So did this Swedish girl dress out for Halloween? Of course she did! With some hesitation I dropped my usual Tinkerbelle outfit and went as (drum roll  please)… bacon!!  Cool huh?  No, its not as weird as it sound, me and my friend where suppose to be bacon and egg, especially funny as our third friend is vegan. I love this idea (not mine) it was funny, cute , original and practical. Basically just to pull over a long dress with a bacon print on it. Of course I messed it up though. Me, always being late and out in the last minute didn’t go shopping until the day of the Halloween party. And believe it or not, finding an egg outfit within 2 hours is harder then I thought. My friend Mary had mercy on me though and let me have her bacon outfit as the rest of the group where going as Romney Zombies and she decided to be Ann Romney. Anyway, the conclusion of the story is that the whole group dressed out in cool, political Halloween costumes with ONE crazy, Swedish bacon mixed in the group. Bizarre…

I love how Americans go all in for Halloween. It doesn’t matter if its kids our grownups , you all dress up. Halloween isn’t celebrated in Sweden, some nightclub might have themed parties but its not a general celebrated holiday. It reminds me a lot about our “Påskafton” though, our Easter where little kids goes from door to door giving out Easter cards in return for candy. I always use to dress out and even if grownups don’t dress out I do always make sure to have candy at home in case any kids come by my door.

Call now!

Every time I see an ad here in America the ”call now!” or ”call for more information” line at the bottom of nearly all ads here puzzles me. Maybe its the Swedish shyness but why would anyone call that number to discuss depression, health problems or to ”find out more” about a random product with a complete stranger? Is it really effective? Does anybody really call them? In Sweden this type of ads are unseen. They would properly reefer to an webpage to find out more information or even a facebook page.

I wonder what the reason behind the different ways of designing and ad comes from. Is it because Swedes are more used to access and look up information online then Americans?   After all Swedes are ranked as the country with most internet users in the world according to several studies for example on  ”Webb index”. Sweden was fast on establishing an infrastructure that enabled internet access to the majority of the population. On the other hand the same study ranks the US and the Americans as nr2.

Maybe it has to do more with culture. I often find myself surprised on the subjects many American talk so openly about. Swedes don’t tend to share their problem so freely and are in general much more quiet I would say.

I like analyzing the media and marketing approach in different countries. After all companies spend millions of dollars on market research figuring out their consumers behavior and customize their marketing after that. So needless to say how the marketing is designed should say something about the country.  This specific case has me puzzled though.

Bagels and fish tacos!

As I think I mentioned before I lived in NYC a while back. The New Yorkers are crazy about good food and especially their bagels. A cream cheese bagel with salmon most be one of the simplest and yummiest food I ever tasted. I love bagels! Their cheap, easy to get a hold off everywhere and we don’t have them in Sweden,

Here in California in the other hand you have your fish tacos. And to be honest with you they might have replaced the bagels as my number one favorite cheap food here in America.  They are just soooo good! And the price even beats the bagel, hey 2 dollars for a taco? That’s crazy. I had never tried a fish taco before I came to SD, and now I rarely go more then 2 or 3 days without having one.  Mexican food in general here in SD is just so good and so authentic, all the meat taste just as my moms.

We definitely have tacos in Sweden. In fact if you would go home to a family with kids on a Friday night you would probably find them eating tacos and watching Swedish Idol. It’s a big tradition and very ”typical” Swedish thing. The taste is not to be compared to the tacos here in SD though. They are bland and customized to Swedish taste. I like them but they don’t feel authentic at all.

Another observation I have made here in the US is that many people eat just a sandwich or a bagel for lunch. You’ll definitely see that in Sweden but its not as common. Swedes normally eat cooked food for lunch and sandwiches are eaten at breakfast. On the other hand the you Americans have made the sandwiches to an art form. Have had my best veggie sandwich ever here in SD, at Café 967 in Pacific beach. Order the spicy eggplant sandwich is  amazing!

The Swedish dad

As I promised in my first post I will be making some observations about American culture. I also promised to spread some Swedish culture back.

The government homepage is a great place to find out more about Swedish culture. They have really succeeded  in making the site interesting,

fun and easy to read but still inform people about Sweden.  It’s full with funny facts about our culture and does a good job off highlighting and referring to subjects and people most foreigners  already associate with Sweden.

This blog I’m referring to speaks about why Sweden is one of the most equal countries when it comes to gender and how Swedish dads are encouraged to stay home with the kids just as much as the mom is. It´s a great read and makes me very proad of being a Swede!

Parental leave

Football season…

I didn’t need to move to SD to know that Americans love American football or

sports in general. But I could never had imagined to what extend everyone here follows the different sport seasons. It never ends! If its not baseball, its football or basketball. Especially in the area where I live, Pacific Beach or as the local call it,

PB. No matter where you go for lunch or dinner their is a game on the TV.

Football or soccer as you Americans would call it is huge in Sweden, but normally the ”craziness” is concentrated to the World or European Championships during the summer. Rest of the year I wouldn’t say the general public is that crazy about sports.

That’s definitely not the case here in SD. Here all the bars and restaurants play the games and all of Garnet, the main street in PB is covered of people in sports gear supporting their team. Just the thought of having a TV in a restaurant in Sweden is unthinkable. I like it though. People are friendly and take the time to explain the game to you, they learn you the team songs and are eager to tell you why you should support their specific team. The sport bars are laud, full of bear drinking guys (and girls) and the atmosphere is great. I was at Moondoogies this time, a Ohio supporter bar. Great day, not so great food!

All in all I definitely will go watch some more games during my time here in San Diego. By the end of the season I might have been able to convinced at least some person that the REAL, cool football is what you would call soccer and nothing else =) !